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Remember that after the Samsung Blue Day festival TOP and GD had dinner with Se7en and Tablo? Here’s the other pics. :)

Cr. on pics

Se7en Evolution (MVs version) -  2003~2012 


Teuk on the Left and Se7en on the Right….omgosh!! I’m very jealous of that woman!! 😭😱

They (Teuk&Se7en) are so sexy with their uniform! 😍


Private Choi Dong Wook with Leeteuk (Suju), Sangchu (Mighty Mouth), Actor Kim Moo Yeol & Lee Seuk Hoon (SG Wannabe) @ 130505 Kookbang TV!


Private Choi Dong Wook’s Message @ 130505 Kookbang TV!



[VIDEO]130520 SE7EN / Private Choi Dongwook Guest @ My Friend Radio

Rough Translation:

Uri Private Choi Dongwook was a guest at a Military Radio Broadcast “My Friend Radio”. Dongwook talked about his meeting with Rain and having a talk with him about the army during the holidays before he entered. He also mentioned how he wanted to eat chicken, meat and sushi inside the service, however the the food serving inside the army is fixed and not much. He also talked about when he had to march with 30kg on his back, but because of his back problems he described it as the worst pain he’s ever experienced in his life. He also talked about his new motto “That’s also possible” which he only made after he joined in army. Entering the army at 30, there were many instances where he was offended and felt insulted since many from higher ranks were younger. During the time he was adjusting, a more senior soldier who is the same age as him consoled him & always said “Well that’s possible” Dongwookie came to see things from others’ point of view & came to tell himself that anything can happen,helping him to become more positive.

Source: Video YT uploader 2407se7en

Translation credit to @ceciliase7en twitter


130520 Private Choi Dongwook (SE7EN) as a guest on DEMA Radio (FM96.7) “Happy Virus”

credit: Official DEMA Facebook


Really miss him SOOO much~! Y.Y